2. Software & Tools Overview

Lesson Progress:

Your Online “Conversion Toolbox”

As part of this program you also get access to our “Conversion Toolbox” – a complete collection of marketing tools, software and resources.

Carefully review each one below so you know exactly to use each to grow your business and increase sales.

SocialSharer.io – Generate Leads & Sales By Sharing Other People’s Content (RRP $67/month)

Drive traffic, leads and sales by sharing other people’s content using an innovative tool called SocialSharer.io.

Add your own custom badge, message and remarketing to any article you find on the web then share it with your audience via email or social media.

To view all the features and benefits of Social Sharer, please visit the sales page.

Access SocialSharer.io Now

Contest.li – Generate Leads With Viral Contests & Giveaways (RRP $67/month)

Use this innovative contest-building tool to create viral contests and generate leads of people interested in your products and services.

To view all the features and benefits of Contest.li, please visit the sales page.

Access Contest.li Now

Social Kickstart – Manage & Schedule Updates to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter (RRP $47/month)

This social media management tool will save you hours of time as you schedule content and manage your social pages from one central location.

To view all the features and benefits of Social Kickstart, please visit the sales page.

Access Social Kickstart Now

QuizFunnels – Lead Generation With Quizzes (RRP $67/month)

Generate leads with engaging, viral quizzes.

To view all the features and benefits of QuizFunnels, please visit the sales page.

Access QuizFunnels Now

Provely – Realtime Social Proof Generator (RRP $37/month)

This realtime social proof tool will show which people are signing up for your offers, which encourages others to do the same.

To view all the features and benefits of Provely, please visit the sales page.

Access Provely Now

Countdown Timer (RRP $47/month)

Add scarcity and time pressure to increase the conversion rate on your promotions and events.

To view all the features and benefits of Social Kickstart, please visit the sales page.

Access Countdown Timer Now

Advanced Heatmap & User Behavior Tracking (RRP $67/month)

This heatmap and visitor behavior tool allows you see how visitors are interacting with your website, so you can see what parts of the site they like, and what parts they’re missing.

To view all the features and benefits of Heatmapper, please visit the sales page.

Access Heatmapper Now

PressPlay Video Marketing Suite (RRP $47/month)

Use this innovative video marketing tool to add additional marketing features to your videos.

To view all the features and benefits of PressPlay, please visit the sales page.

Access PressPlay Now

BoxCar – Chat Live to Your Website Visitors (RRP $47/month)

This live chat tool allows you chat live, close sales and get feedback from users as they browse your website.

To view all the features and benefits of Boxcar, please visit the sales page.

Access BoxCar Now

Graphic Design & Creation Software

This tool is actually 3 different pieces of software in one.

This graphics design suite can handle all your offline, online and ebook / lead magnet cover requirements.

Offline Graphics Creation Software

Create stunning offline marketing materials including flyers, business cards, brochures and much more.

Online Graphics Creation Software

Easily create online marketing materials including banners, social media profiles, and much more.

3D eBook Cover Creation Software

Easily create stunning covers for your free reports, guides, ebooks and more. Creates both 2D and 3D covers quickly and easily.

IMPORTANT: This tool only works using the Firefox browser.

Access Graphics Creator Suite

ClickFunnels Page Templates

Use these pre-made lead generation templates to create beautiful, high converting lead capture pages for your online marketing campaigns.

NB: You must have a ClickFunnels account to use these templates.

Access the ClickFunnels Templates

Google Analytics – One Page Tracking & Reporting Dashboard

Most people have Google Analytics installed but don’t use it, simply because it too complicated and confusing.

Use this simple one-page reporting dashboard to quickly and easily discover your topline metrics, so you can understand exactly whats going on with your website, and which marketing activities are actually working (and which aren’t).

Access the Google Analytics Dashboard

Action Steps

  • Carefully review the software descriptions above
  • Carefully review the sales pages for each tool for a more indepth information about the features and benefits of the respective tool.
  • Select 2-3 tools to be begin using right away

Recommended Action Plan

These are the tools you can begin using immediately:

  • Activate Heatmaps software and install it on your website
  • Activate your Social Kickstart account and start using that to schedule and manage your Facebook page posts
  • Install the Google Analytics dashboard and review it weekly to identify when most of your visitors are coming from
  • Activate your SocialSharer account, then find a news article to share with your Facebook followers (which includes a link back to your website)

Once you have completed these step you are ready to begin the main training program.

This starts with “Week #1 – Building Your Customer Avatar”.