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Build Unlimited Countdown & Scarcity Timers To Add Urgency & Boost Your Sales

This new, groundbreaking cloud-based tool quickly and easily creates Countdown and Scarcity timers for running special offers, sales and time limited events.

Time and time again it has been proven that countdown timers and limiting an offer results in a big increase in conversions


Cloud Hosted
Nothing to install. Just log in and create your countdown timer campaigns.

Super fast
Just add a few bits of info and your campaign is ready.

Design options
Customize all colours, fonts, graphics, text and links. Timerdash gives you 100% flexibility.

Mobile responsive
Don’t lose sales from mobile users – Timerdash is responsive and will resize for any device.

Central dashboard
See all your campaign stats, status and functions in one powerful central dashboard.

Boost sales
Nothing increases sales and opt-ins like a real scarcity timer.

Remote counters
Add a scarcity bar or countdown to your own site, or as a Smart URL overlay on any external site – perfect for affiliate promos.

Intelligent counter
Once a counter reaches zero you can redirect users to a new URL, or set it to hide automatically.

Unlimited counters
Create as many campaigns as you like.

Email Countdowns
You can now create animated countdowns that work right INSIDE your emails. This is a huge new feature your customers will love.

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